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Father Ted Festival, Craggy Island. Also known as Inishmore the largest of the Aran Islands where The Friends of Father Ted festival was born, in a storm of drink, fancy dress and sporting events.  - Go To Our Home Page

Where the Feck?

To get to Craggy Island head out of Galway and go slightly north until you see the English boats with the nuclear symbol on the side. Craggy Island is sometimes also known as Inis Mor.

For people without their own boat these people will help you get there by sea.

Arran Island Ferries

If God wanted us to fly he would have put the airports nearer the cities. Nevertheless Craggy Island International Airport has regular transit links to downtown Kilronan.

Aer Arann Islands

All accommodation on Craggy Island has been set aside for Tedfest ticket holders.

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